Hi folks have an issue with an MSSQL2005 standard edition.

i created a linked server object with an odbc connection for odbc driver which points on a system dsn with the ibm odbc driver.

now i want to create a trigger wich updates a table on my db2 database.

select works update trigger causes following error.

OLE DB-Provider "My-ODBC-Name" for Connectionserver "my-connection-server" reported following error "[IBM][iSeries Access ODBC-Driver][DB2 UDB]CEE9901 - Applicationerror. MCH3601 not observed through CTRIGGER by command 0000000002, Instruction X'0000'.".

Message 7343, Level 16, Status 4, row 1

OLE DB-Provider "my-odbc-name" for the connectionserver "my-connection-server" could not commit the UPDATE for the "[Mytable]"-Table.

Anyone did this before and can help me to solve this issue?

Perhaps i miconfigured the odbc connection.

Thanks for help