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    Unanswered: Some questions regarding subforum record lookups and special ID keys

    Hi folks, I have a few questions which is taking me some time to figure out,

    1. How do I set a unique ID like this when I create a new record :


    The reason why is because I need to combine records from different places and they will no doubt share the same ID if I used autonumber on their databases. Each record will have to be unique.

    2. I am using a main forum (A) and a sub forum (B), (A) may/will have more than one (B) records. I want to be able to select one of (B) records and create a new record on another table (C). I tried datasheet and continuous form to list my records for (B) but how do I actually select a record and pass this information to be created into a new record?

    3. I want to use a bunch of field that can be toggled so that a query will do a search based on what was selected to be query. For example :

    Toggle fields :
    Blood type - A [ ]
    Blood type - AB [ ]
    Blood type - B [ ]
    Blood type - O [ ]

    Buttons : [Search selected] [Reset]

    The output will be in a subform which I also want to select so that I can use this information to be added to a new record.

    I'm still working it out but thanks if you have some ideas!

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    Just a suggestion: create a column (field) of type Decimal or Double in your table and as default value assign: Now()+Rnd(Now()

    Have a nice day!

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    There has to be a better way.

    Why not just use AutoNumber and record which "place" you're dealing with, so that you can concatenate them when you get the data back:

    Place  - AutoNumberID - ConcatenatedID
    ------   -------        ------
    A        433            A433
    B        433            B433
    C        433            C433
    A        434            A434
    B        435            B435
    What's wrong with that?
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