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    Unanswered: Need Urgent Production Help!!!


    I have weird issue in one my production server.

    Issue description

    Archive logs are created very frequently (5to6 logs in a minute), and filling up the diskspace. Once you stop and start WAS / DB2 everything coming to normal.

    I have tested with my incremental backup for last 3days, it happenes everyday

    The changes done

    Customer not doing any Runstats for the past 3years, and due to other maintenance like reorg, we have done runstats last week. (Incidently it happened after runstats)

    Current backup plan

    Weekly (Sunday) full backup (online) and daily incremental online.

    My assumption

    I have taken full online backup before my runstats (the image statistical informations are very old like before 3years). But due to space constraints in disk I have taken only incremental backps for 3days after runstats(all three days archive log switching abnormal, if I stop and restart WAS everything normal)

    So I am planning to take full backup again today, I hope the problem may get resolved I am not sure....Can you please advice me what could be the reason or why it happeneing like that or any solution? Your kind advice will be grateful to me.


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    I don't see how taking a backup is going to reduce logged activity on the database. Clearly, logs are generated by an application that makes many changes to the data.
    "It does not work" is not a valid problem statement.

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    Need Urgent Production Help!!!

    Sorry friends I try to explain the Issue properly

    The Issue Description

    One of my database having weird issue. For the past 3 days, whenever I trigger my incremental backup, once the backup completed (incremental) there is a heavy / abnormal log switching happening in my production system and it leads to disk full.

    The interim solution I found was,stop WAS and restart DB2. Then everything is coming back to nomal (Normal log switching as before). The problem starts again only after my incremental backup completes. I have tested for 3 days.

    The recent change is I ran runstats on the database after 3years. Since my backup policy is weekly full and subsequent incremental, I have taken full online database backup before my runstats and I am taking incremental backup after my runstats (for the past 3days). Before runstats the same backup policy running with out any issue.


    Since as of my knowledge runstats should'nt give any issue and potentially safe to run on any production system. So I think my full backup taken before the statistical update (runstats) and my subsequent incremental backup are taken after my runstats (after statistical updates). Since incremental backup is based on the successful full backup is it creating abnormal archive logs due to diffrence in statistical updates?. Anyway I am taking full online backup today and need to check is the archive logs are again started generatinf after my full backup also.

    This is first time I am facing that kind of issue. Hope I managed to explain properly and eagerly waiting for any suggestion from you guys.

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