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    Hi Experts ,

    I am getting error SQL0902C while trying to restore a DB.

    I am using windows XP OS.

    Please help


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    SQL0902C A system error (reason code = "<reason-code>")
    occurred. Subsequent SQL statements cannot be


    A system error occurred.

    User Response:

    Record the message number (SQLCODE) and reason code in the

    If trace was active, invoke the Independent Trace Facility at
    the operating system command prompt. Then contact your technical
    service representative with the following information:

    o Problem description

    o SQLCODE and embedded reason code

    o SQLCA contents if possible

    o Trace file if possible.

    Federated system users: isolate the problem to the data source
    failing the request (refer to the problem determination guide to
    determine which data source is failing to process the SQL
    statement) and take the necessary diagnostic steps for that data
    source. The problem determination procedures for data sources
    vary, so refer to the applicable data source manuals.

    sqlcode : -902

    sqlstate : 58005


    Can you give us more information? And what DB2 version?


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    Using Windows XP. DB2 version 9.2c express.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ARWinner
    Can you give us more information?
    means you have to specify -

    What is the restore command that you are using?
    Are you restoring a database taken from Linux / Unix environment?
    Post the complete error code with details that is presented to you, dont just post the SQLCODE.
    Describe the environment from where the backup was taken.
    IBM Certified Database Associate, DB2 9 for LUW

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