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    Hi Experts,

    I am getting error

    SQL1219N The request failed because private virtual memory could
    not be allocated. SQLSTATE=57011


    The instance was unable to allocate enough private virtual memory to
    process the request. This may be a result of shared memory allocations
    made in other (unrelated) processes.

    User response:

    The problem may be corrected by:
    * Stopping other applications running on the machine, especially those
    that use large amounts of shared memory.

    sqlcode: -1219

    sqlstate: 57011

    I am using Windows XP and DB2 9.5c express.


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    That simply means you are out of memory. What is the amount of RAM and the amount of virtual memory that you have in your system.

    Don't expect DB2 to run on 128 / 256 MB RAM

    For quick relief what you can do is try to increase the virtual memory substantially.....
    IBM Certified Database Associate, DB2 9 for LUW

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    I have the same problem on Win XP SP3, 2 GB RAM even after a fresh reboot and if the control center is the only application I start after login...

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    Is your DB2 user a part of the Administrator group?

    This issue is not simply a "memory" issue. Perhaps you have run into the same issue that hit me. In an attempt to increase the security of my system, I removed the DB2 user(s) from the Windows Administrators group, assuming that the DB2 user simply needed to be in the DB2ADMINS group. Apparently, a process must need to be an Administrator (or something more than a DB2ADMIN at least) to allocate the type of memory that DB2 is trying to allocate. So, you may want to check to see if your DB2 user(s) are in the Administrator group.

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    I had the same problem when i changed the user who run the DB2 services. I was able to fix this problem when I add the right 'act as a part of operating system' to the user and add user to the Administrators group. I'm not sure whether it is clean solution, however it works.

    On the other side, it seems that DB2 requires OS admin rights to run the services. It is not very nice behaviour, even SQL Server can run without them ...

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