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    Trying to develop a conceptual model

    Hi everyone,

    I'm currently involved in a small project as part of a college assignment. The project is a Python script that pulls a node from a database, pings the node every minute and sends a number of metrics from the ping response to a MySQL database and creates a new row each time which is timestamped (This part is fine)

    I now wish to develop reporting functionality in order to create reports based on the data in the database, such as "Node availability" or "Node performance" over time. For example, If I have a week's worth of ping responses in a database for "" and every row advises that google was "reachable" when pinged - I wish to turn this into a value like 100% and display this value in my JSP web application

    Does anyone have anybody have any previous experience with generating such report data with a focus on timestamps?

    Thanks for your attention.

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    Since each ping represents a 1 minute interval, you shouldn't have to worry about the actual timestamp in the calculation of availability. (You would use it to determine the report boundries, though.)

    Select NodeNum, Count(NodeNum)/(7*24*60) * 100 as Availability
    From NodeTable
    Where TimeStamp >= 'StartDateTime' and TimeStamp <= 'EndDateTime'
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