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    Unanswered: DB2 WLM - hanging threads


    I am pretty new to DB2 WLM and Stored procedures. We have defined new WLM and few DB2 stored procedures (using Cobol) on z/OS. The stored procedures are called using Java source. We are facing some problems in bouncing (bring-down and bring-up) of WLM. Sometimes even after the call to stored procedure is complete, DB2 threads are still active. This hinders new bind to stored procedures and also bring down of WLM. How can this issue be addressed ? Can there any timeout parameter defined at SP level ?

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    I believe, you can control idle agent timeout through WLM. However, spontaneous shutdowns of WLM are not a good thing - call IBM (I think they are anticipating writing WLM APARs for some time to come)

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