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    Unanswered: db2sysc segfault after select

    I have problem with db2sysc., about 2 seconds after select query (select with join returns 5100 records) I have error in kernel log:

    db2sysc[8256]: segfault at 30049 ip b67182b7 sp bfa12400 error 4 in[b61fd000+19ff000]
    db2sysc[8197]: segfault at 10 ip b71fd288 sp bfa12228 error 4 in[b61fd000+19ff000]

    db2log shows:
    DB2 v7.1.0.98 s040510 SQL07029
    db2inst1.000 : db2gds (0xb60186c0)
    Signal #6
    Stack Trace:
    offset 10 in function __kernel_vsyscall
    DB2 (db2inst1.000) : 2009-03-26- stack corrupted.
    Signal 11 caught in traceback attempt.

    Stack Trace:
    dladdr of address 0x2 failed, dlerror = "(null)"
    offset 285 in function sqlbSplatObject__FP16SQLB_OBJECT_DESCiiP12SQLB_GLO BALS
    offset 24 in function sqlbPurgePages__FP16SQLB_OBJECT_DESCUiP12SQLB_GLOB ALS
    offset 44 in function sqlbSMSDeleteObject__FP16SQLB_OBJECT_DESCP12SQLB_G LOBALS
    offset 1b2 in function sqldDropObj__FP7sqleacbP12SQLB_GLOBALSP8SQLD_TCBP1 6SQLB_OBJECT_DESC
    offset 347 in function sqldDropTable__FP7sqleacbP12SQLB_GLOBALSiP8SQLD_TC B
    offset 5ae in function sqlbPFPrefetcherEntryPoint__FPcUl
    offset 3e8 in function sqloCreateEDU__FPFPcUl_vPcUiP13SQLO_EDU_INFOPl
    offset 1fb in function sqloRunGDS__Fv
    offset 195 in function sqloInitEDUServices__Fv
    offset 3f8 in function sqloRunInstance__FPFv_iPFi_vPPvPiT3
    offset b19 in function main
    offset ee in function __libc_start_main

    *** End stack traceback ***

    My DB2 version:

    system: Linux PLD i686 , kernel 2.6.25

    DB21085I Instance "db2inst1" uses DB2 code release "SQL07029" with level
    identifier "030A0105" and informational tokens "DB2 v7.1.0.98", "s040510" and "U497046"

    Product Name = "DB2 Personal Edition"

    I don't known where is problem.


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    Normally this is a kind of error where you call DB2 support. However, version 7.1 being out of support for more than 5 years now, you'll just have to live with it.
    "It does not work" is not a valid problem statement.

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