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    Question Unanswered: Does Access need to be installed to view report

    I need to know if the full version of access needs to be installed on a client machine in order to run a report from a regular .mdb/.mde file that is on that machine?

    History: Our client is in another state and the box that this mdb/mde would be on will not have office or access installed on it. We will also not be using the Access runtime either.

    Thank you for your help.

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    I would think that you would either need the runtime or the full version to be able to open the database and run a report.

    Can the report be generated from a different machine with Access installed and then emailed as an attachment - pdf or something similar?


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    to run a report in an MDB/MDE your client would have to have either Access or Runtime installed.

    he should be able to view snapshots,but I can't gurantee that its so long ago since I last encountered a workstation without Access or Runtime.

    if the reprot isn't too complex you could probably knock up and equivalent in a language and/or crystal reports
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    You can distribute the access runtime version if you have the office developer's version on your computer.
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