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    Question Unanswered: How do I Show query results in a form?

    Hello, if you can help me out with this, you will be silently revered.

    I am trying to create a form for user-friendly (dumb-accomodating) accessibility and usery, to view an attached document that is listed in a query.

    I have a table with over a hundred different documents that are held as attachments. Each of these documents are listed in a field as a certain category (IE: Let's say some categories are Computer Documents, Television Documents, Stereo Documents, etc).

    Then I have created queries and each query shows the total list of each of those Categories (IE: one query shows all the computer docs, another query shows all the television docs, etc).

    But now I am trying to create some kind of form that a user can get on and select what kind of document they want to see. For example, "I want to view a list of all documents that are in the Computer Category". And so a list of all the computer documents come up and now be able to select a single document (maybe it's a hyperlink) from that list.

    I hope that I have explained my question well enough, and I hope that you can help. Thank you, Joseph.
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    It sounds like you want a cascading combo type thing. See if this is what you want:

    Cascading Combos

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    one query shows all the computer docs, another query shows all the television docs, etc
    So you would only need about a million queries then.

    This is such a bad idea.

    You want a custom dialog box to choose television or computer and all the other criteria you want to be searching on and then when you hit the FETCH button, the system calls up a form showing up all the relevant documents that match the specified criteria... just like every other reporting tool on the planet.
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    have a table which defines types of documents and use the primary index of that as the key in the documents. if you want to be a smartass setup your document type with a parent ID so you can allow users to drill down. say they are not too sure what category a document might be then they coudl select 'computer' documents and look in that and all sub categories

    ID autonumber PK ' defines a system generated number
    Description text(50) 'describes the doc type eg 'Computer'
    ParentID long ' can be null identifies a parent category

    1 documents
    11 computer 1
    3 printers 11
    99 laser printers 3
    101 inkjet printers 3
    98 television 1
    97 freeview 98
    96 terrestial 98
    95 cable 98
    999 mobile phones 1000
    1000 telephones 1
    1001 landlines 1000

    to retrieve the categories see, there is a better explanation on Rudy's site (SQL Consulting) but I can't find it at present
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    Hi Paul,

    When I get home tonight, I'll try copying down what you have written. I thank you for your reply. At this time I am not too sure if that is what I want, but so far, I figured out last night to create a form wizard from the table (using the Tabular layout), then in Properties, set the Selection type to Form, and in the properties field of Default View, change that to Continuous Forms.

    That does help me with a quick solution.

    But I still would rather show the result of each different query in its own form, and when going to that form, have the option to select the hyperlink or attachment that would open that document.

    As I said, can't do much for right now till I get home tonight. But hopefully your answer will help. Again, thank you for the response. I'm pretty new with all this.

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    To all,

    I will try your answers this tonight and this weekend. I appreciate your responses.

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