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    Unanswered: Why my application got slow when operates over the network?

    Hi Guys,

    I have a problem regarding with my application.My application was developed in visual basic 6.0 and my back-end is MySQL.My problem was the fetching of data initially are very slow when operates over the network,but when I operates locally the speed was acceptable.Here the set-up, 3 client are using an application simultaneously and connected thru myodbc-2.50.39-nt to the server with an OS(Windows Server 2003).The application exe and database are mapped.Is there a problem with my setting?How can I implement the handshaking?

    I hopefully sombedody help me and thanks in advance

    Thank you,

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    by locally.. do you mean connecting to a server on the same development machine? that will always be dramatically faster.

    it sounds like you have either a design problem, or a server tuning problem, or possibly users with overly demanding requirements (and possibly a bit of all 3).

    sounds dumb, but are you retrieving only the data the user requires (so there is no redudnant data pumped up and down the line), are you taking maximum advantage of the server to do its processing

    have you checked the server loading.. does it need more memory, can you identify if there are queries which are clogging the server.. it may be reviewing the indexing strategy may help. forget if its show or explain on MySQL.
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