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    Unanswered: When will the sysbase release its cache memory?

    Hi Guys,

    Iam running a inventory application,
    Iam using sysbase 10.0 ASA for storing the inventory in DB.

    I have defined sysbase MAXCacheSize as 50P (50 perent of my physical memory)
    Say my physical memory is 4GB, and my sysbase memory can cache upto 2GB.

    Now the problem is, when the DB operation is huge, sysbase caching 1GB of memory and is not releasing it once the operation is over.
    And my other process occupies around 2.5GB, so in this case my total physical memory size is 3.5GB and iam struck here,

    My question is when will the sysbase release its cached memory?

    Did any one faced this kind of issue, let me know how could I overcome this.

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    Did you try to release the connection which was doing the query ?
    i am confused ...

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