I am new to using PHP ZendCore on i5/OS iSeries, so I am in the process of writing some test programs just to learn. I have successfully written a PHP script using i5_connect to call an RPG program on the iSeries that returns some data to the script, which simply displays the returned data in the browser. It works fine, but the process of defining the parameters is tedious.

I have some stored procedures on the iSeries, which are actually RPG programs, that return lots of data in parameters, one in particular has about 75 returned values. That would be VERY tedious doing it the way I used in my first test.

Should I use db_connect? I tried that first, but was unable to connect. I am not sure how it would pass parameters, but is it any better than i5_connect? Is there any secret about stored procedures that would help?

I would also like to use a stored procedure that returns a results set, but that would not involve parameters, so how does that work?

Thanks for any help you can give!