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    Unanswered: -271 Could not insert new row, -144 ISAM Error: key value locked

    We have a problem that has cropped up a couple of times today, where inserting a new row with a serial key has caused a -144 key value locked error on one table.

    My worry is that last time this happened within a couple of days it started happening throughout the system on multiple tables seemingly randomly. Only a complete rebuild of the instance resolved it and it's stayed away for 3 months.

    The only thing that seems to proceed it is a second virtual segment being added shortly before it starts to occur. Only one additional as we seem to work within the SHMVIRTSIZE for much of the time. Unfortunately we can't increase this as we always hit problems when we go above it on our box, which I think is a problem specific to SLES9.

    We are on IDS 9.40.UC6 on SUSE Linux Enterprise 9


    Thanks for any help


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    look at the output of 'onstat -k ' command, if there are some locks on your table/s.

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