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    Unanswered: winsock send msgbox

    how to show msgbox on your client?

    if the server has an IP add
    and client has

    when server( will close or the form will unload, the conncetion must close but before it close it must inform the client( i tried to send msgbox

    Winsock1.SendData MsgBox("Disconnected by user!", vbOKOnly)
    but it doesn work, msgbox show on server( instead.

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    A messagebox is a UI function within VB. It is not an object you could pass.

    Send a text message via winsock, and decode that message at the receiving end... Then, return an acknowlegment message BACK to the server.

    WHERE is the above statement located? I would think that it should be located in the queryunload event. And, you will need to place code in the queryunload event to verify that the ACK from the client has been received before the unload can continue.

    I suggest you take a look at the communications forum at our INet sister site, XTremevbTalk.Com
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    'it is located at Form_Unload...

    'i'll try your suggestion.

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