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    Unanswered: SQL Data from query to Excell file

    I have a simple database in SQL Server 2005...
    I made a simple query like this....

    Select CitiesName,CitiesSize
    From Cities

    I save this query.......Now i want to run it from excell 2003 or 2007.... I mean the 2 columns that query brings(Cities_Name, Cities_Size) bring it in excell file....
    I know that i can input data in Excell from a Table... But can i input data from a query???????????? Because my table have many fields and i want only these 2....
    Is there any other way????

    Thanks in advance

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    assuming that u want to retrieve the data from the sql server database into an XL sheet, u can use SSIS to do this..


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    if u want the result of a query in a file (excel)
    before executing the query
    click ctrl+shift+F then u can save the output in any file (.extension)

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