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    Unanswered: Simple query - help plz


    I have a current query that returns me a number of lines but I need to return only the next closest date, not too sure how to do this neatly,

    select * from table1 where status='nice' and sysdate < datcar

    this returns me:

    numid // status //colour // date
    5 nice red 04/04/09
    6 nice blue 04/04/10
    7 nice green 04/04/11
    8 nice red 04/04/12

    I will need to have the first query only where numid=5.
    the closest date to us will always have the minimum numid...

    Many Thanks for your help!!!

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    You might try to use MIN or MAX function with the date column, such as
    select some_columns
    from some_table t
    where t.date_column = (select max(t1.date_column) 
                           from some_table t1
                           where t1.maybe_some_id = t.maybe_some_id
                             and t1.date_column <= sysdate

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    You could also try the following, but you should compare it to the previous suggestion in terms of which is more efficient for your environment (plus, this example only returns 1 record, while the previous example is multi-purpose ... it works for 1 record, or for many):

    select * 
    from (
      select * 
      from table1 
      where status='nice' and sysdate < datcar
      order by datcar)
    and rownum < 2;
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