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    Unanswered: linked tables and dao recordset


    i'm switching my access db to use linked tables and mysql as a backend.

    But since i'm using linked tables my vba code (with some custom querys) is not running anymore, any idea what could be the problem?

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    With no code to look at and no explanation of what the problem actually is, I doubt anyone would have an idea.

    Perhaps you could detail the actual problem just a little more than not at all, perhaps someone can help?!
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    When you link a table to a backend such as MySQL or SQL Server, a lot of times the table links in as "dbo_xxxx". You may need to rename the linked table after linking it in or redo your coding to capture the dbo_.

    I personally create all my MSAccess tables as dbo_xxxx in anticipation that when I eventually link in the actual SQL Server tables, I won't then need to rename the linked table or redo all my code.

    Otherwise it could be a multitude of other problems (your code, permissions, etc...) and as StarTrekker stated, you'll need to give us more info.
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