Devart, the leading provider of solutions for connecting software with data and database management, has recently announced the release of dbForge Data Compare for SQL Server.

dbForge Data Compare for SQL Server is a new robust tool that meets all requirements of modern data comparison and synchronization in SQL Server databases and walks you through well-known complicated situations during these processes. The new product's functionality is far from simply automating routine comparison and synchronization tasks. It is aimed at expanding your control over data handling, making it clear, accurate, and safe.

dbForge Data Compare for SQL Server also offers both automatic and manual (custom) mapping of schemas, tables, views, and columns, convenient view of data differences, detailed control over which data to synchronize, easy to use Data Synchronization wizard, warnings on possible data loss and various notifications, large script execution, enhanced working with data, friendly UI.

The price as little as $149.95. If you want to learn more, download trial edition, or order a license please visit Devart site:

Please, feel free to download, try and write any comments and suggestions about our products!