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    Unanswered: Help sending custom emails to contacts in Access 07 db


    First of all, thanks to the experts for being willing to help those of us with far less skill!

    I have an Access db with contacts (names, emails) and titles of papers that the contacts have written.

    I want to send each of the contacts (identified through a query) a customized email that includes the title of his/her paper, along with a brief note (the same for each person). Basically:

    Dear ("FirstName"),

    This is a quick note to remind you to submit your paper, ("title")

    Thank you,

    I've searched the Code Bank, but didn't find anything that might help. It's probably there, but...

    Sadly, I figured out how to do this years ago in Access 97, but that was long ago and I've forgotten. I know that I can send a report using the SendObject function in a macro - but not how to customize an email.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

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    Here's one example from the code bank if you haven't seen it already:

    I believe also this example: (or maybe it is this one: It's the last mdb example (ie. SearchFormMultipleWaysHighlightCurrRecNewVersion.z ip) - Look at the FindBusiness2 form. - I like this form as it works very well for sending emails! Give it a try.

    It has a "search" form in it which let's you "search" as well as email (it works kind of neat). Either way, the code may be beneficial but chances are you'll need to modify it to work with a query to send emails to "everyone".
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    Personally, I use this kind of solution to that problem.
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    Working! Thanks!

    Thanks StarTrekker and pkstormy. I'm working with both suggestions at the moment - I like the business2 form and can see a lot of future use for it.

    The sending email through SMTP code is beyond the boundaries of my current abilities, but believe that it's worth trying to sort out.

    I really appreciate the guidance here.

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