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    Unanswered: HADR - Issue on Standby

    db2 v8.2 FP12. OS-Win2003.

    I failed over the HADR to our standby server first time for the DR Test and I was able to connect to the DB and view all information from the db (via cc).
    However when I executed the user application which is on the webserver It could not connect to the DB. Give connection error message.

    I failed over back to LIVE server then tried again the user application on the DR webserver. then I am getting right error messege as the db is in HADR mode. unable to connect.

    The network looks ok and nothing changed since HADR in place.

    I have binded the packages again on the DR server. there is no error message in diag.log

    Have I missed anything during the failover ? how can I prove that the db is functional in DR?
    Please help me.

    Thanks, gunas

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    1)Did you repoint your app to the standby server?
    2)If your db is HADR mode- to get things back on track - switch it to STANDARD mode. Reset your standby server, then reset/restart your PRIMARY ,

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    I have already stopped and restarted the db (using db2stop, db2start).

    Also we have seperate webserver for the DR which is always pointing to DR Server.

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    there is something like primary and standby and client rerouting
    if using type 2 connection from as to db check if db directory is reflected with alternate server information
    define this at primary and standby
    if type 4 connection there is a special setting todo to get this information
    see high availability guide for details....
    all this should be transparant for the as
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