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    open vb6 program from pick basic application

    I need to be able to open a vb6 program from a menu screen created on a hp9000 system running universe pick basic. The user will type in yes and the program would call the vb6 program. I am not that experienced on pick basic so any type of tutorial or code would be greatly apprieciated.

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    I don't know of any way to run a VB program on an HP-9000.

    There are probably ways to work around this limitation. What does the VB program do (specifically does it have a GUI and/or require user input of any kind)? Does the Universe program need to provide any parameters or data for the VB program, and if so what form is that data in when the Universe program wants to start the VB program?

    This definitely can be done. I believe it will require a separate Windows machine to run the VB program, and something to interface the Universe program to the VB program. Depending on the complexity of the interface, this could be pretty difficult.


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