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    Unanswered: 2003/2007 compatibility


    i have a db file in 2003 office version, after creating the user logon and password throuhg the wizard, it opts for creating a shortcut. when i try and open the file through that shortcut in 2007 office version, it gives me a link not available error. the reason why i want it to open it in 2007 is that with multiple users...some have 2003 and some have 2007. How/ what do i do so that i can logon with both versions without creating the whole db file in 2007.


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    I usually avoid login forms, it's just one more password that the user has to remember and maintain and generally I get negative reactions from that. Instead I opt to use fOSUserName() and just create a user table. You can then use that table to set up rights, names, emails, or anything else you may need or want. It's a bit more work than the wizard but I consider it a net gain.
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