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    Unanswered: retrieving OLE object name

    Hi there,

    I have an OLE object field with linked objects (mainly ppt and doc). I am trying to create a report that lists the name of this OLE object without the associated icon. An internet search has told me how to extract the path, etc. but I simply want to retrieve the OLE object name or convert it to text or list the name only on a report. I assumed this would be simple but I can't seem to find a source to tell me how.

    S Little

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    OLE objects have names? Pff... Shows how often I use OLE objects ^^
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    Presumably they have a file name that could be converted to text??? The file name is displayed with the icon in the field.....

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    I don't use OLE, but you should be able to construct the OLE file name fit there is a correlation to the data. i.e. Stock Record 1 - 1.ppt or 1.doc.


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