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    Thumbs up Unanswered: FileMaker 10 now available for Central European, Middle Eastern and Indian Users

    New FileMaker Pro 10 Ships With Sleek New Interface and Breakthrough Reporting and Automating Features and Now Available in More Language Than Ever Before

    GRENOBLE, FRANCE –March, 25th 2009 – FileMaker and WinSoft have jointly announced the immediate availability of the new FileMaker Pro 10 database product line for Central European, Middle Eastern, North African and Indian users.

    The new FileMaker Pro 10, which features a sleek new interface and intuitive new design, features English and French menus and is now localized in Czech, Polish and Turkish (go to WinSoft Website for more details).

    The FileMaker Pro database product line, which includes FileMaker Pro 10, FileMaker Pro 10 Advanced, FileMaker Server 10 and FileMaker Server 10 Advanced, is also available in Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), Dutch, English (U.S. and U.K.), French, Italian, German, Japanese, and Swedish.

    Central European, Middle Eastern and Asian Specific Features

    FileMaker Pro 10 delivers major features for Central European Middle Eastern, North African and Indian users, including spelling options for Czech, Slovak, Hungarian and Polish, localized templates in Arabic and Hebrew, full support of ligatures and diacritics, as well as the possibility to use Indian digits.

    The sorting options have been enhanced for most Central European languages (Czech, Slovak, Romanian, Slovenian, Ukrainian, Estonian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Serbian, Bulgarian), for Middle Eastern text according to Arabic and Hebrew grammatical rules, and for the main Indian languages and scripts (Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Panjabi, Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam).

    FileMaker 10 includes the powerful Mirror Layout tool that meets the rules of writing direction. FileMaker users can now switch in one click from the English Layout geometry (Left To Right oriented) to an Arabic one (Right To Left).

    In addition, FileMaker Pro provides an Arabic, Hebrew, Czech, Polish, Turkish, Greek, Russian and Hungarian localized mini-help to get going quickly and increase FileMaker skills to use the numerous new functionalities.

    Finally, Czech, Polish, Turkish, Russian, Greek, Hungarian, Middle Eastern and North African users will be able to easily publish basic web forms or web-based status updates and lists thanks to the Instant Web Publishing translated and adapted to their languages.

    A database for everyone

    "The new FileMaker Pro 10 interface is the result of years of in-depth research into how people actually interact with databases," said FileMaker president Dominique Goupil. "The result is a major new version of FileMaker Pro that brings the power of databases to everyone whether they create their own databases, or use one from someone else. Also, the new customization and scripting features in version 10 will save both end users and developers time and money."

    Saved Finds and Script Triggers: new time-saving features

    FileMaker Pro 10 now saves searches automatically and allows you to name and save a set of specific searches. For example, if you want to create a find request for customers in California who have spent more than $1,000 in the past year, but have not ordered in the last three months, FileMaker Pro will save the search so you can access it over and over again in the future. The new Saved Finds feature makes searching a "no-brainer."

    FileMaker Pro 10 also introduces Script Triggers, allowing both users and developers major new options for automating tasks and boosting productivity. Now you can specify that a FileMaker Script (similar to a spreadsheet macro) will run based on timing or whenever users take a specified action in Browse Mode or Find Mode, such as clicking in a field or exiting a viewing mode. FileMaker Pro comes with 12 ready-to-use Script Triggers (five object-based and seven layout-based).

    Create live Dynamic Reports based on your actual data
    One of the most popular uses of databases is to create reports. With FileMaker Pro 10, you can now create beautiful reports — simple or sophisticated —that are based on your data. And, unique only to FileMaker Pro 10, you can actually make changes directly to the underlying data from within your report "on-the-fly" as you work. Any changes you may make to the data within your report will also show up immediately in the database, without ever having to switch views!

    Other new FileMaker Pro 10 features include:

    * Enhanced Quick Start Screen - Get going quickly with the new "See it, Use it, Learn it" interface to start learning how to use FileMaker Pro. Plus easily create databases from existing data sources like .CSV, Tab, and also now from Excel 2007 (.xlsx) or Bento 2.
    * Enhanced SQL support - Now you can display, access and use data from even more SQL sources, including SQL tables in Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Oracle 11g and MySQL 5.1 community edition.
    * Send Mail via SMTP - Save time by sending email directly from FileMaker Pro instead of having to open your email client.

    New FileMaker Server 10 Products

    FileMaker Server 10 has several new features, including: simplified server management that allows administrators to import and export records using server-based scripts - no more robots are required; an enhanced PHP Site Assistant with 10 PHP Site Assistant themes plus one for the iPhone - to create visually stunning websites in minutes; the ability to send mail via SMTP directly from FileMaker Server 10 without the need for an e-mail client; and a new Database Log Viewer that provides a snapshot of your database logs to quickly pinpoint trouble spots. FileMaker Server 10 Advanced now allows up to 999 users to simultaneously connect to FileMaker Pro databases - about four times the number of live connections in FileMaker Server 10 and in previous versions of FileMaker Server Advanced.

    Pricing and Availability

    All FileMaker 10 products are immediately available. New users may order FileMaker Pro 10 for $299 /$179 upgrade (suggested list price) and FileMaker Pro 10 Advanced for $499/$299 upgrade (suggested list price). FileMaker Server 10 is $999/$599 upgrade (suggested list price) and FileMaker Server 10 Advanced is $2,999/$1,799 upgrade (suggested list price).

    Discover and purchase the new FileMaker 10 Product line on WinSoft website

    About FileMaker, Inc.

    FileMaker, Inc. develops award-winning database software. Its products include the legendary FileMaker Pro product line for Windows, Mac and the Web, and the new Bento personal database for Mac. FileMaker Pro won 52 awards, more than its next eight competitors combined, from 2003-2009 in the U.S., and a total of 134 awards worldwide during this time. Millions of customers, from individuals to large organizations, rely on FileMaker, Inc. software to manage, analyze and share information. FileMaker, Inc. is a subsidiary of Apple Inc.

    About WinSoft SA

    WinSoft, French software company based in Grenoble, founded in 1985, is specialized in the design, development, localization and publishing of software in emerging markets. As a strategic partner for FileMaker, Apple, Inc. and Adobe Systems since 1995, WinSoft has extensive experience in helping software publishers successfully introduce or expand their business in Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East and South East Asia. WinSoft expertise ranges from software engineering and localization, to production and sales, right through to in-country marketing and distribution.

    ©2009 FileMaker, Inc. All rights reserved. FileMaker is a trademark of FileMaker, Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. WinSoft is a Trademark of WinSoft S.A. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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    In the Philippines?

    Is FileMaker Pro 10 available in the Philippines? How much is the price?

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    File Maker Pro Abilities...

    It sounds fantastic. Drilling down is our biggest need. We will be interested to see exactly how and how easy FileMaker Pro 10 saves searches automatically and allows you to name and save a set of specific searches. The functionality sounds impressive, but sometimes sounds do not always deliver. We're looking into it and will gladly post a response soon. Jay.

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