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    Unanswered: What are these processes?

    Good Afternoon Guys,
    Can someone tell me in a quick sentence or two what these processes are, and what they actually do and or handle?


    I ask because we have been told by Oracle that we need to use OraStack and change the Default Memory used on certain Background Processes from 1MB to 500KB. We would like to review the processes and decide which ones we believe we can cut down to 500KB and which ones we want to keep at 1MB. Also, that was only three of the background processes, anyone else know where I can find a list of the Background Processes and User Processes? So that I can find out what we can fine tune the memory usage?

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    Cool Sga

    Seems you do not know anything about Oracle.

    In order to cut down on memory usage by Oracle, you need a DBA to modify the 'initialization' parameters that refer to memory allocation.
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    The Command C:\> OraStack (Executable) Value Size

    I have been given the following example commands by Oracle to be run in the Orastack Utility to fix a ORA Error that we are recieving. As stated they gave us these examples, to modify the default memory used. Does anyone know any other Executables I can look into other then the three they provided or a location to find a list? The ones they gave us are great, yet we are looking for additional ones.

    C:\> orastack oracle.exe 500000
    C:\> orastack tnslsnr.exe 500000
    C:\> orastack sqlplus.exe 500000

    I did find Svrmgrl.exe which is the Server Manager. Any others?
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