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    Unanswered: help data format string

    Does anyone know the data formatting string for a uk based postcode ; i have looked everywhere for it?

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    po box or zip code

    PO boxes are just boxes with a number
    see : Post office box - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    so format will be ##### (4,5 or 6 numbers)
    otherwise the zip code is a bit difficult in the UK

    ie : BBC Complaints,
    PO Box 1922,
    Glasgow G2 3WT

    You see the PO box is box-number 1922
    and the zip code is : G2 3WT

    But it allso can be in another format like : SW1A 0AA

    Wiki info :
    United Kingdom
    Main article: Postal codes in the United Kingdom

    UK postcodes are alphanumeric and between five and eight characters long (including a single space separating the outward and inward parts of the code), e.g. the code for the House of Commons is SW1A 0AA. These codes were introduced by the Royal Mail between 1959 and 1974. They have been widely adopted not just for their original purpose of automating the sorting of mail, but for many other purposes see Postcode lottery.

    The 'Outward' part of the postcode denotes the postal district - for example RH for the Redhill area, and then the following number distinguishes the post town - broadly speaking the Delivery Office which services the local area. So RH1 is Redhill itself, RH10 is Crawley. With larger towns there may be more than 1 number in the outward section - Crawley includes RH10 and RH11. The reverse situation is uncommon but can also occur, with a single postal district lying within more than 1 post town. The 'Inward' part denotes particular parts of the town / Delivery Office area, with the first part - the number - being a sector, and the final two letters denoting a group of houses within that area.

    A series of five-digit codes may also be used on business mail. This is called Mailsort but is only available for mailings of 'a minimum of 4,000 letter-sized items'.[20] Discounts are available for such bulk mailings based on the type of mail and how pre-sorted it is.
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