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    Question Unanswered: Timezone/Daylight Saving Time Formula: Siebel


    I'm developing a Siebel Analytics report and one of the requirements is to convert datestamp, which is in GMT, to Eastern Time U.S.

    I understand that it is Eastern time is GMT -5 from second sunday of March at 2am to first sunday of November at 2am and GMT -4 any months outside of that.

    I'm new with Siebel Analytics, and I'm not sure in how to construct an SQL formula to convert the datestamp.

    I hope you can be an assistance to my delema.

    Thanks in advance!
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    You can query the needed offset using the TZ_OFFSET() function:


    It will correctly apply the DST rules (based on the time zone of your server)

    Btw: what is "datestamp"?

    In Oracle you either have DATE or TIMESTAMP, but there is no DATESTAMP data type.

    Edit: this example shows how to convert from one timezone to another:

    So you should be able to simply select your timestamp column using:
    SELECT timestamp_column AT TIME ZONE  'US/Eastern'
    FROM the_table;
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