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    Hello to everyone... very new at databases

    Hi everyone, i'm ugachaka and I'm completely new to databases. I wanted to make a database that would allow an agency to track job movements across some arbitrary region (state, country etc). I've been using openoffice base and i'm having problems designing an easy to use database, and I'm not sure which software package lends itself to this situation. I just want to demonstrate proof of concept more than anything else. Where should I post? What should I ask?

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    Hi there, welcome to the forum

    If you are a novice to databases then I suggest you pick an easier starting project - the classic "CD collection" should start you off at a good pace!

    I'm not going to lie - I have never used OOBase, even though I have it installed, so I'm probably not the best person to pass comment. But if you want my 2 cents I would say that it is more than adequate for a starter project, but I may suggest you use Microsoft Access instead but only for for the reason that there is a really good community of Access developers on this forum if you get stuck!

    What you really need to do is sit down and think about your model. Identify your entities first, and then work out how they relate to one and other.
    For example, an entity could be an album, a person (composer perhaps), a bands/artist and so on. How do each of these jigsaw pieces fit together?

    Start fleshing out your diagram with attributes - for example an album will have a title, a release date, and so on.

    Sketch up a diagram and post back your working up to that point in the Database Design and Concepts topic and ask for some comments

    Hope this helps!
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