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    Smile Unanswered: EXTENTSIZE - multiple of RAID stripe size

    Usually, EXTENTSIZE is suggested to be multiple of number of containers, in case of RAID, it is suggested to be multiple of RAID stripe size, here my question is when we say that "EXTENTSIZE - multiple of RAID stripe size" is it assumed that each table space has single container?

    For instance, I have RAID 5 with stripe size 4, I have identified 7 table-spaces in all. Shall I have single container for all of them with EXTENTSIZE 4 * 16k ... ?

    Any comments for performance...


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    Quote Originally Posted by amol17
    RAID 5 with stripe size 4
    That does not sound right.
    "It does not work" is not a valid problem statement.

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    might be I have not exact stripe size with me, what is the usual stripe size for RAID 5? Am sure that I have RAID 5 with me.

    Any ways, my original doubts was(let me write more abt it),

    shall we have more than two containers on RAID?

    if so what should be the extent size?

    what should be the extentsize if container is 1?

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    The extent size will also depend on whether you have a datawarehouse environment or an OLTP environment......

    In a data warehouse environment it makes sense to have a larger extent size since it would involve less reads between disk and bufferpool..... however in an OLTP for large extent size you would also end up reading unnecessary data and hence smaller the better....
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