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    starting project....

    hello to everyone,i am from greece and i study at university of patras computer engineering and informatics.i am the absolut beginner and i am looking for help for a project which is running this summer.i have never worked with databases in the past and so my knowledge level is very low.the matter is that i dont have time to study in depth,but i must start with simple steps using tools that can fill my knowledge gaps.the project is (the first part) to merge four databases
    these are protein databases.these databases are available online.i mean that there is a web page where they offer a search tool where you can specify some fields(organism,length of the protein and other)and find the protein you want.except from proteins you can find protein motifs,protein interractionw problem is(as a beginner) how can i merge database that i dont have?i could do this if someway i had the whole database available but here (from what i can understand)i can find one protein at a time or a group of proteins(depending on the criteria i set)the supervisor told us that we can use apatar or clover to do it,which i have never used before and dont know how they work.
    i am starting this thread because i dont know how to start and i think something like this its easy for somebody with experience.

    thank you in advance and congrats for your great forum

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