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    ERD assignment, was titled "Need Help"

    i need help to do this requiremnet as ERD

    if i have

    the conference is identified by the year (unique) and described by city, location, chairman, an organizing committee, a set of participants, and a set of papers (articles). It is required to keep track of the total number of participants and papers for each conference occurrence.
    participant is identified by a number (unique), and described by a name, category (distinguished lecturer, chairman, member of an organizing committee, author... etc.) and E-mail address. A participant in any conference occurrence may pay certain fees which is determined according to his/her category. It is required to keep track of the total fees for each particular conference occurrence

    i need help to make this requiremnt as ERD

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    Very good. It seems that you understand the problem fairly well.

    What have you done so far? How would you like us to help you?


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