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    Unanswered: Loading records in database

    I just want to ask if there is any way to speed up loading of records
    I have exactly 1 million record.

    my example of loading database
    Call Load_Database
    set rs = new recordset "Select field1,field2 From Table1 where field2 = 'Unused'", db, adOpenDynamic, adLockOptimistic
    then the first record will be loaded to Textbox.

    text1.text = rs.Fields(0)
    set rs = nothing
    My problem is it takes a time to load. I dont need MSFlexgrid or datagrid, i just have to load and get the first record.

    thanks in advance
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    try to cut down the amount of data you are retrieving
    consider using the "top" clause.

    make sure the column field2 is indexed
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    ADO also supports retrieving records one 'page' at a time...
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    thanks for the reply.

    i use top clause, wasnt able to create an INDEX because i read some sites telling that it affects the speed when i update the table because the INDEX must be updated too.

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