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Thread: Error -1214

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    Unanswered: Error -1214

    Hi All,

    Can any help me out that how to solve this error in Informix.

    OS Error Number: -1214
    Message : E9004: Erro em SQL INSERT

    Error -1214 is Value too large to fit in a SMALLINT

    Pls suggest,

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    # finderr -1214
    -1214 Value too large to fit in a SMALLINT.

    The SMALLINT data type can accept numbers with absolute values from 0
    through 32,767 (plus or minus (2 to the 15th power) - 1). To store
    numbers that are outside this range, redefine the column or variable to
    use INTEGER or DECIMAL type. (The value -32,768 is a 16-bit value but
    is not acceptable; it indicates a null value in 4GL.)
    César Inacio Martins
    Jundiai / SP - Brasil - em Português - English (translated by Google).

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