Hello All,
I am having IBM server of model X225. RAM is 2GB and hard disk is 160 GB and 2.80 GHz cpu. Now i am running oracle 10g server in that system.
The server system is accessed by 3 clients to post and access the data from the system. After restarting the server system just 4 to 5 hours when i try to connect to server through SQL * PLUS it displays error message Could Not Connect since no dedicated Process. Why that error is coming

Also after restarting system after 24 hours if we just refresh the server system it shows the following error message i.e. NOT ENOUGH SPACE TO PROCESS. what could be the reason?

In oracle documentation it shows that 512 MB RAM is sufficient and 10 GB hard disk is sufficient but i am having more than required but still getting problems. I increased SGA and PGA values also still i am facing same problem. what could be the reason give me reply because it's very urgent.