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    Unanswered: partition problem

    i have table A with 200000 data included
    one time i need to create partition table from table A because the queries become slower

    so i'm backup the data into table B :

    after that i delete data on table A :

    then create partition table,index,function and trigger
    by date

    the problem coming when i want to insert data from table B into table A

    error message :
    ERROR: stack depth limit exceeded
    HINT: Increase the configuration parameter "max_stack_depth", after ensuring the platform's stack depth limit is adequate.

    so i'm open max_stack_depth mark and fill with 6mb

    but that doesn't solve the problem the error message still appear

    maybe anyone can help me?

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    that problem has solved...
    now appear another problem
    how to partition 2 relational table without break relational between those table which connect by foreign key

    i has try but the relational going lose
    any suggest?

    ps: sory for 4 bad english

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