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    Exclamation Unanswered: Orastack

    Oracle has Stated in Articles the follow:

    "Oracle supplies the ORASTACK utility to allow customers to modify the default
    stack size of a thread / session when created in the Oracle executable. When
    ORASTACK is run against specific executables it alters the part of the binary
    header that defines the default stack size used by the create thread API. It
    is not necessary to change the default number of pages committed by the thread
    because these will be allocated as required from the stack. By reducing the
    stack of every session created in the Oracle executable, it is possible to
    achieve a larger user population. In a system with a 1000 users reducing the
    stack from 1Mb to 500K would release 500Mb of the address space for other
    allocations or more users.

    ORASTACK must be run against all processes that can create a thread in the
    Oracle executable, use the following syntax :

    orastack executable_name new_stack_size_in_bytes

    Below are examples of setting the stack to 500K for the main executables :

    orastack oracle.exe 500000
    orastack tnslsnr.exe 500000
    orastack svrmgrl.exe 500000
    orastack sqlplus.exe 500000"

    My Question for everyone is they say in the last few lines "Below are examples of setting the stack to 500K for the main executables". Are there additional main executables that can be used with the orastack command to adjust the stack memory?

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    Didn't you like the answers you got here?

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    Quote Originally Posted by shammat
    Didn't you like the answers you got here?
    I was making a new post, as I believe my other one was misleading and this was a tad bit clearer.

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