my report works but only prints what is in the poline.orderqty field. What I want to do is adde exceptions to this Some of my items have conversion factors for example - one that does one that does not

req qty 10 - order unit - 10 each conversion factor of 1 - gives 10 in inventory

req qty - 2 - order unit - box-10 -conversion factor of 10 - gives me 20 in inventory -

right now the program only gives me 2 labels because 2 is in the poline.qtyordered field - this works for about 95% of items i order - however some item i want the 20 labels some i dont - here is basically what Im trying to do
with my sql info

"POLINE"."PONUM"='24142' AND "POLINE"."ITEMNUM"='1201020021N'
EXTERNAL JOIN POLINE.ORDERQTY>={?C:\Documents and Settings\kpowell\My Documents\test table.xls: Sheet1_.Column1}

******************my counting table here*********
C:\Documents and Settings\kpowell\My Documents\test table.xls
SELECT `Sheet1_`.`Column1`
FROM `Sheet1$` `Sheet1_`
WHERE `Sheet1_`.`Column1`<={?max40385: POLINE.ORDERQTY}

Here is my select statement
POLINE.PONUM} > "23000" and
{POLINE.PONUM}={?My Parameter} and
{POLINE.ITEMNUM} in \"1107011010N\", \"1201020021N\"THEN
{?Control ID}*({@qtY})

this statement does not work currently just what im trying to do - if i take out the poline.itemnum in select portion it works

my label printing works except when I my inventory item conversion is like the exmaple below - this is trying to get my label program to work
but i want to add some execeptions to my statement currently the
link is as a leftouter join to my counting table which give me my qty of labels to print per user input {?control id} however - some of the items i order with different order units and conversion qtys for example
qty 2 - box-10 - going into inventory 20 - I need 20 labels printed vs just 2 - since the labels to print are directly tied to the requested order qty - i need to add the exceptions because some I order with conversions that I will not convert and I just want to add them list "one of" in the selection formula