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    Unanswered: Removing Windows Authentication

    We have our project installed in client place.

    Operating system Windows 2003
    Databases on SQL Server 2005

    I have backup jobs running daily(owner <servername>\Administrator)
    I have mirrored using certificates
    SQL services logon as <servername>\Administrator

    We want to disable the SQL Server windows authentication login.

    I have a plan to remove below logins:

    <servername>\SQLServer2005MSFTEUser$<servername>$M SSQLSERVER
    <servername>\SQLServer2005MSSQLUser$<servername>$M SSQLSERVER
    <servername>\SQLServer2005SQLAgentUser$<servername >$MSSQLSERVER

    Please help me in finding what side effects I will face if i do this.

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    As far as I know some of these accounts cannot be disabled. If you succed in disabling <servername>\administrator the SQL services will stop running as it's the one used at the moment. Disabling some of the others can cause a lot of troubles.

    See: How to disable the Local Administrator account in Windows
    Security Watch: Why You Should Disable the Administrator Account
    Setting Up Windows Service Accounts

    Have a nice day!

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