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    Unanswered: Proven Print Drivers with Pdox 8

    Hopefully I'm not missing an existing post in here already but I wasnt able to search just the Paradox forum. (Maybe thats a new post on its own :-))

    Anyways I have Paradox 8 handling a lot of printing from a Win 2003 Server and in the past I have always had very consistent results using the laserjet 3 driver but the last couple of HP printers I have purchased have not worked with this driver. The printers that have given me a hard time are the:

    HP Laserjet P4014
    HP Laserjet 4240

    Does anyone have any successful experience with other new printers that they may be able to share with me. I dont mind if they are not HP but they need to be workgroup class laser printers.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    why do you need the LJ3 driver to print? that's so old it makes P8 seem new (grin)
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