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    Question Unanswered: forms runtime in oracle 9i

    can anyone tell me how to create forms runtime in oracle 9i.....any links or site where i can get the solution...
    thanks in advance.

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    >can anyone tell me how to create forms runtime in oracle 9i..
    Oracle V9 RDBMS is obsoleted & no longer supported.

    To some degree Oracle Forms are Oracle version independent.

    What version Forms are accessing which version of Oracle RDBMS?
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    The last client-server Forms version was 6i - it made it possible to create a "runtime" file which could have been executed as a shortcut on someone's desktop (now I'm talking Windows, of course).

    9i onwards is web-oriented, so forms are run by your web browser. In order to do that, you'll need to deploy forms to the web which also means that you'll need to install and configure IAS (application server). More information can be found in the Documentation section of the Oracle Technology Network.

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