I have moved a db from my mac to a mac FMSAv9. The db contains about 4000 Quicktime referenced files. As nothing is that simple, all the ref containers have disappeared because the file addresses have changed. I have managed to find a calc that shows me where FM expects each file to be:

Let (
txt = GetAsText ( Contain );
GetValue ( txt; ValueCount (txt))

but I am having real trouble moving forward.
What would be best would a global field that has the part of the address that is changed plus a way to modify the container ref address so that the global field address is used.

FM is looking for a file at this address:

FMSA should be looking for a file at this address:
moviemac:/DD/Library/FileMaker Server/Data/Databases/PMW/TALENT FILMS/Joachime Back/back1.mov

The variable for each file the last folder & file name i.e.
/Joachime Back/back1.mov

So if I could extract this part out the old address and connect it to a global field that has
moviemac:/DD/Library/FileMaker Server/Data/Databases/PMW/TALENT FILMS

& have the container see all this, it would allow me to move the DB and all the referenced files to any machine.

I also have this FM calc that extracts the file name from the file address. I have been unable to find a way for it to give me both the file & folder from the address (but I don't really understand how this calc works)

Let ( [
txt = GetAsText ( Contain );
path = GetValue ( txt; ValueCount (txt));
pat = PatternCount ( path; "/");
pos = Position ( path ; "/" ; 1 ; pat )

Right ( path; Length (path) - pos)

Many thanks