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    Normalised database?

    hi guys, im new to this and was just wondering if someone would be so kind as to help me out and tell me if my database is fully normalised? I have also attached an ER diagram which i feel is completely wrong but i just cant think of any other way to do it. Any suggestions or constructive criticism would be much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.
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    if this is for a homework assignment, you've got a couple of small issues

    the relationship between cars and sold cars is weird -- the PK of cars is not being used as the FK of sold cars

    it's not just a 1-to-1 relationship, either, as a car can usually (in real life) be sold more than once

    also, the column "Sold" at the bottom of the cars table seems out of place in light of the sold table

    the doors table seems pretty useless, unless you were planning to use it to restrict cars from the database which did not have an approved number of doors

    finally, please don't embed "tbl" into your table names -- that's just silly | @rudydotca
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    Thanks for the reply, it is very much appreciated. One final question. Which of the two diagrams, er diagram or relational schema diagram would come first in the design stage of a database?

    P.S. its actually for a small project which i have to create.

    Thanks again.

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    It is your project. Don't you get to decide which diagram comes first? Think about the order that you want to present the information to your audience, that is the order that I'd include the diagrams in the project presentation.


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