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    Unanswered: vidtc1.dll missing

    I have created a database for work from home. Although the database opens at work, the database will not allow user to enter a new record, when they select 'Create New Record' via a button on form that I have created. Database works perfectly well at home. The error message that comes up in vidtc1.dll version 1 is mission. Their computer then will not allow them to do anything, not even switch off via, start and then shutdown, they have to switch of computer via plug on the wall.

    A few days ago, I scanned my computer using McAfee and vidtc1.dll had been quaranteened. So I deleted the file, but now am afraid to download. There are several sites that offer free downloads. When you download this file where do you save it. Is it safe to download the file? Miscrosoft do not have this download on their website.

    I would be grateful for any help with this.

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    There is no listing in Microsoft's DLL Help Database for VIDTC1.DLL so it is not currently supported. It was part of the Visual Studio 6.0 Visual Interdev utility.

    I'd go back to your Visual Studio 6.0 distribution if you have it to get the file, then I'd re-apply VS 6.0 sp6 to get the current version. If you don't have the original CDs, you might be able to just apply sp6 and be Ok.

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