MSSQL7 is a folder directly under C:/ drive in explorer folders view
is that usual for xp worried it been attacked or altered some hoew by a hacker. im gonna check the creation dates of files and see if it corresponds to attack date. i dont recal seeing it there before and i was hacked recently by someone who set up their own user account called: will$ .
it had a password and usurped the opening of windows.
after going in in 'safe-mode' i was able to set up another administrator and delete that user. the pc was salvaged to the point i could get a generic desktop back. so i had to restore pc to earlier date to get back access to all my docs,etc. and the icons iv'e com to rely on. pc was normal again . after 2 reboots and hours of normal use. pc wouln't boot.
message ; black screen : said: select bootable drive to boot from and reboot computer (or something like that) i guess i'll do f11 and choose 'system restore'.it was fine i thought i was out of woods.
by the way if you select 'reset defaults and exit' in the bios ..... shouldn't the pc boot as follows: flop 1st, cd-rom 2nd, hardrive 3rd...etc. etc.and setup all other things like the usual bootime defaults that most users use? and then hte PC shouldnt have any problems booting if there's nothing wrong with the hardrive and it's OP system and normal 'master' JUMPER setting.I WOULD EXPECT THAT. SO IVE BEEN STUMPED. The drive is mechanicly fine i just learned slaving it to another pc. So I've ruled that out.
THANKS JOHNNY 'johnnycastleseed@yahoo' also.
PS : next post is: why is my home edition pc so slow after letting the latest service pack update it. DANG! i feel like MS sabotaged it. restoring back to earlier didnt help.