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    Unanswered: solution for large database?

    I am going to build a website with large database
    It's mean this database may be incease.

    at first, I have a question about Initial size when create database. example I set it is 3MB. after long time, my website have a lot of user. they register and make my database 'size increase. What is problem if that size larger than 3Mb. I don't understand about Initial size.

    And I can see YouTube. this is a website with large database, video, image ... I want to buiding a website like that. But I don't know how to manage a large website.
    Can you have a ebook or tutorial about this solution?

    thanks alot

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    First off, 3MB is not "large" by any means. Second, where do you plan on storing your images and videos, onto a file server with the database storing the pointers? Seems you have a lot of analysis, design work and hardware requirements to gather to do. Post back when you have something more substantial to work with and I'm sure people will point you in the right direction. As far as ebooks or tutorials, Google is your friend, lookup "managing large websites" for thousands of hits. Here is but one:

    Tools and Techniques for Managing Large Websites - bytes

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