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    Question Unanswered: Excel Trouble in displaying large data

    I've an application that takes data from a DB and creates excel reports from it. In one such report, a single cell has a large amount of data, though it is less than the max limit of 32767 characters. When i click on the cell, a pop up comes up saying 'text string entered is too long. Reduce the number of characters or cancel the entry'. And i'm not able to view the entire contents of the cell in the cell or formula bar.
    Can someone please tell me how i can resolve this error?

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    Howdy. Are you using XL 2007? If so, you can change the size of the font, to view all in the formula bar (can't see all in the cell though), and cell height is limited to 409.5, which means the font will have to be very, very small.
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    I am also facing this problem my excel file is having large data and now every time i try to open this it always show that excel is not responding.

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    if you are doing this which I do not recommend you do... try not to click on the cell. This is the only I have found to get around the issue, but then you cannot really see all of your details.
    In excel there are always limitations. I would suggest you revisit your db output file that you are bringing in and see if there is a logical way of splitting these large datafields into more than one column.

    The other thing i might do in this situation is add a form for the column that is giving me issue and store the data in the form when a user clicks on the identifier of the row then the form would invoke showing the large data set. (macro that invokes the form on selection of the row identifier)

    but that probably does not help you much in your situation. Sorry.

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