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    Unanswered: Can VB access two different versions of Access database

    Can someone help me with this???? I have two different versions of access database (97 & 2003), I wanted to create an frontend using VB for these databases. But things are not moving can someone help me with.

    1) Can i do that if so what has to be done?
    2) What version will be good?
    3) If VB is not good enough, then any other application (Name)?
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    best to ask this in the Access forum
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    Or the VB forum.
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    Yeah, this is a VB question, not an Access one.

    I'd just use Access 2003.
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    What have you tried up to now and how, what problems did you encountered, what's not working ("things are not moving" does not help a lot), why do you have to use 2 versions simultaneously (can't you convert everything to the 2003 format?)...

    You have to be more specific if you expect to receive answers.

    Have a nice day!

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