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    Unanswered: for insert trigger

    how do i stop an insert action to take place in an after insert trigger (when let's say i inserted more than one record at a time)?
    thank you

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    Huh? What's wrong with inserting more than one record at a time?
    The solution is to write your triggers to handle multi-record transactions, not to make them force rollbacks.
    If it's not practically useful, then it's practically useless.

    blindman "sqlblindman"

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    Agree with Blindman. If you have a broken trigger you should fix it. If you have trigger code that isn't applicable to every single insert then it shouldn't go in a trigger.

    It's amazing how many triggers I see with all sorts of complex logic that really should never be inflicted on every user, developer or DBA who wants to insert a row. The best place to put any code that modifies data in any way is to put it in a stored procedure, not in a trigger.

    You can selectively disable a trigger using ALTER TABLE... DISABLE TRIGGER.
    ALTER TABLE (Transact-SQL)

    Ufortunately that ALTER command is scoped to the table, not just your transaction, so all users in the database will be affected. This is why you should think very, very carefully before you put any code at all into a trigger.

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