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    Question Unanswered: Wildcard Issue in Parameter Query

    I have setup a parameter query that gets the parameter values from a form. On the form, I have a company combo box with three values: DLM, PSI, *. In the query, I have the company field pointing to the combo box on the form. If I choose DLM or PSI on the form, the query works great. However, if I choose *, it does not work (I want it to pull both companies). The syntax I am using is Like [Forms]![frm_Prm_Invoice_List]![Company Prm]. If I run the parameter query and replace this with Like "*" it works fine. I am also using this scenario in another database and it works fine. Am I missing something??

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    Did you check what the [Forms]![frm_Prm_Invoice_List]![Company Prm] expression returns? You can also try by using [Forms]![frm_Prm_Invoice_List]![Company Prm].Value.

    By the way, if there are only two possible values why don't you simply drop the WHERE clause in the query when you want it to return all records?

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    Because he's not coding it?

    Try this:

    Like "*" & [Forms]![frm_Prm_Invoice_List]![Company Prm] & "*"
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    For more help on programmatically building the SQL string in VBA I'd recommend Martin Green's lectures.
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